This four bedroom modern house design with roof deck has a total floor area of 223 square meters not including the roof deck

A 4 Bedroom Box Type Modern House Design
in Sri Lanka

The extra room will provide ample space for your parents to move in without infringing on your privacy. Better still, you can convert the additional bedroom into whatever you'd like. You might want a home office, a den or a room for recreation, for example. All you need to do is acquire this 4 bedroom two storey house design and use it to build your dream home.

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House Design No: KD-01

The Price of the Plan=Rs.83895/=

This magnificent two story modern House Design offers 2397 square feet living area, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining and large balcony at first floor.

Our highly experienced architects and home designers use the latest techniques to deliver these type of 4-bedroom house plans that are not only unique but also comply with national building codes and regulations.

This 4 bedroom house is specifically designed for a flat land. The front of the building with grand entrance leading straight to the living area and a staircase connecting to the first floor. 4 en suite bedrooms, a bonus room and a large size balcony make up part of this incredible luxury home. At a total of 223 m2 this spacious house will live up to all your needs and expectations.

Large windows at both floors allowing for plenty of natural light while still being shielded from the sun makes this house plan all that more unique. Additionally, the clean lines and edges combined with refined details and presentation give this house an elegant and modern appeal.

A Representation of a Contemporary Box Type house Design in Sri lanka

Actually, this new home is a representation of a contemporary box type house due to its style and gorgeousness. It also offers a comforting expression and cozy environment. Likewise, this home plan is recommended for families who want to enjoy privacy because of its reasonable size and unique features. A two story house, the ground floor is assigned for the living spaces while the second level represents the night time. Further, roof deck maximizes the space of livability

A House Design for a 7 Perch Land Extent (Minimum Lot Size Required is 7 Perch)

In order to build this beautiful four bedroom two story house with roof terrace; a minimum lot of 184.0 sq. meters is required to comply with the legal setback regulations (Urban Development Authority Regulations). The lot should have a dimension of 40 feet width and 54 feet length minimum.

To enumerate, the key features of two story house design with roof deck are:

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A house design with highly stylish uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) doors and windows. Upvc offers a sophisticated way to design doors and windows in homes.

Inviting front porch filled with plenty of natural air and light

Our well experienced architects like to make the most of every space.. This porch is functional and practical. It maintains its appeal while also serving as a great place for sandy feet and wet towels. Easy-to-clean flooring and furniture ensures that when you and your family retire from an afternoon at the beach, you won’t worry about keeping things on the porch pristine.

This house design with Window frames and doors made of uPVC look modern and stylish and also low maintenance and eco-friendly

Open and free flowing plan between the dining hall and living room

Light and space has been maximized in this open-plan living area with crisp white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows. The timber dining table set sits between the living and the kitchen, creating separation of spaces in this modern architectural house design.

Clever decorating and styling keep the spaces looking separate but seamless.

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This compact and cleverley designed modern house design offers unusual features and stand out among all other designs

Balcony Arrangement: Relaxation Area

The left corner of the first floor level has the spacious open balcony above the porch; which functions as relaxation area for the family. It is accessible from the hallway through a pair of sliding Upvc glass door. The area is so airy that it ventilates the interior being a source of natural air and light. The roof deck is very functional for family recreation and venue for family affairs as well as social functions.

This is a two storey small house design that comes with four bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, and one garage fit for a family car.

House Plan Details - Plan No: KD-01

  • Floor Area - 2397 Sqare Feet
  • Bedrooms - 4 Nos
  • Bath Rooms - 3 Nos
  • Parking Lots - Detached Parking
  • Length - 11.7m
  • Width - 12.2m
  • Ridge Height - 32' 4"
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TA perfect 4 bedroom double storey house design that match your lifestyle. Check out our huge range of floor plans today.

How Much Will this Cost to Build?

We estimate the house construction costs based on site location, your material preferences, finish choices and even sweat equity contributions.

To get started,
Give us some basic information about how you plan to build this house. It will give us a starting point and once we visited your site and look for any potential issues, we will prepare a proper estimate for your land.

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In this house design the interior design is about much more than designing for aesthetic appearance. It has to consider communication and the key user experience.

Suit for Various Types of Lots and Housing Locations

Indeed, elegant and stylish on the outside and complemented by an impressive interior layout, this two story house with roof deck design defines architectural harmony and presentation to the highest degree. A brilliant scheme, this plan will be the perfect choice for families who loves privacy, independence and also a comfortable ambiance. Overall, this will definitely look great in any neighborhood of various types of lots and housing locations.

These new House Design plans in 3D are essential when designing and building a new home

This plan can be modified

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Note that modification fees are in addition to a standard plan purchase.

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Heavenly comforts and sophisticated new House Design in sri lanka at unmatchable price

Key Features

  • A bedroom in the ground floor for guests and future plan for retirees
  • Two bedrooms in the second floor equipped with a common bathroom
  • Wall sized glass doors in the upper level with access to balcony
  • Concrete flat roof terrace usable as deck for family functions and affairs
  • Relaxed outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • Gorgeous landscaping on the perimeter of the structure promoting green building
  • A contemporary house design maximizes the space for livability. With a simple but awesome floor plan

All this for Rs. 83895/=. Order by phone: 0702 222 111

New House Design images and modern duplex house elevations that you have never seen before

How to verify whether this house design is suitable for your block

Please give us a call and send copies of relevant deed and survey plan. You may send those via Send Copies to Kedella Homes. Once we check whether the plan is dimentionally (such as the length, width..) compatible with the land to get approvals from the relevent local authority, we will visit your land for a site analysis.

If we can proceed with this plan with or without changes, we will prepare,

  • Documents required for the local council approvals
  • Documents for obtaining clearances from other neccessory institutions such as RDA, CEA, NBRO, etc...
  • Original Plan for your reference

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A simple House Design that created by architects in Colombo Sri Lanka will offer safety, protection and peace of mind

This Plan is Certified by a Chartered Engineer

To approve your plan by Municipal Council (MC), Urban Council (UC) or Pradeshiya Sabha (Declaired by Urban Development Authority), you need to get your plan certified by a Chartered Engineer. All our home plans certified by a Chartered Engineer and we help you to prepare all the required documents for home plan approval.

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A modern cost-effective small House Design with luxury amenities and intricate detailing by Kedella Homes

How Much Does This House Plan Cost?

The price of this house plan=Rs. 86445/=

What is included in this set of plans?

  • 3 Copies of blue prints for council approval
  • A Copy of blue print for NBRO approval
  • The original plan for client's reference

Note that we will charge a nominal fee for extra copies.

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