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Kedella Homes is an Architecture Home Design and Construction Firm that offers traditional sri lankan styled home designs to contemporary styled house designs for the sri lankans who wish to design and build their homes. We have designs catering for every need, from the first home builder to those seeking a family home and beyond.

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I want to build a new house. Where do i design my new home?

Consult an Architect at Kedella Homes. We are here to help!

The time spend with the architect to complete the preliminary steps in designing a new home plan can be an exciting period, but this is also a time to evaluate if the new plan is the right for you. At Kedella Homes, we separate your “needs,” “wants,” “dreams,” and “don’t wants" at the beginning. Prepare your "Wish List". Getting the brief right is vital and the time taken at this stage sets the scene for getting what you want. Next, our architects will guide you through the entire design process and will generate a large number of plans, elevations, sections, details, specifications, schedules, mechanical and electrical designs, and structural calculations. The process is not a lot of hard work and it does not bring disruption in your life and the lives of those around you. You may also make minor modifications to the sketch plans in terms of room size, window styles, or other details. Finally You will find that it is less stressful to design a new home with Kedella

How Does the Home Design Process Work? (in Brief)

  • Get your breif right.(Your Breif sets out all the important requirements for your new home)
  • Provide additional information such as sketches, images/photos, lego/special physical models,
  • It’s time to look for the right people (Kedella Architects/Structural Engineer: 0702 22 111) to help design your dream home
  • Go on to the key design stages (Initial Design/Client's Feedback)
  • Planning stage & planning approval
  • Review suitable construction methods and obtain intial quotes
Planning is the most important part of the construction process

Please Help Me to Plan My Home Construction Budget

Avoid financial stress when designing & building your dream home

At the begining of your building planning process, our architects and home designers will help you to develop a realistic idea of how much it will cost to construct the new home. This early stage involves looking at what different elements of your new home will cost, including the building itself, the architect or designer, zoning fees(access to the site etc...), waste water pit, soakage and septic tank, labour and materials, utility (Electricity, Water, Telicom, internet & cable hookups etc..) connection and appliances and interior features (such as window coverings) etc... Further, you may also have to pay for planning application fees for local council.

This is a complicated, time-consuming process that really should begin many months before construction begins. But you will avoid all these complecations, if you decide to plan your home with sri lanka's best house design firm "Kedella Homes". So don't forget to contact our engineers/architects before you proceed with your building plan.

Pick the right builder

How Can I Pick the Right Builder?
(The answer is Kedella Homes)

You know that designing and building a new home is probably the biggest decision that you make in your lifetime. May be the biggest investment in your life. You need to pay attention not only the home itself, but also the reputation of the home builder. Your relationship with the builder one that last a long time. It begins before you signing the construction agreement and continues to the construction process and last for years once construction is completed. And with over many house builders in sri lanka, There is lot to choose from them.

Never Fear! Here are some tips to choose the right builder for your new house.

  • Look for the builder that you have in your mind is actually capable of building new homes, apartment buildings, family homes and condominiums.
  • Search for how many homes they have built for last 10 years and where they have built.
  • Check whether they have recognized for excellence by their clients.
  • Visit the builder's website and other online media. Builder's web site can give you a good idea what that builder is preferred to build.
  • Visit the construction sites . What you actually find out with their clients is that floor plans, special features and information about construction and customer service practices.
  • You can also ask for references from online community

As you already know, It is very important to know the home builder's experience before you sign the agreement for construction.